Product Center

Product Specification

There are many kinds of products and complete specifications. It includes a full range of diodes, rectifier bridges, triode, MOS, voltage stabilizing circuit, optocoupler and other products. It has the ability of independent research and development design, chip manufacturing, packaging and testing, sales and technical service. We can provide customers with a strong and reliable series of products, and provide a one-stop solution service.

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Package Outline

The corresponding appearance photos of all kinds of products, the specific package size and the corresponding weld plate size, etc.

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Packaging Information

The internal and external packing method, size, quantity and label of all kinds of products.

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Product Certification

For products with product certification requirements, such as rectifier bridge and optocoupler, UL and VDE.CQC.FI national grid are approved respectively.

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Quality Center

Win Users With Quality

Quality assurance, equipped with modern equipment, can inspect raw materials in terms of material, shape, characteristics and technology, monitor the quality of process effectively and check the quality of finished products.

Party and Mass Events

Spring Festival Gala 2020- On January20,2020, Changzhou Galaxy Spring Festival Gala held in Changzhou Fuli SheratonHotel Dragon City Hall. The whole party planned and hosted by the companystaff. Chairman YangSenmao gave us a speech, accompanied by a happy song and dance, the partyopened the prologue. The company provides employees with a stage forself-presentation and team spirit display between departments. During thelottery held, the scene atmosphere was hot. The whole party let the staff feelthe happy atmosphere in advance. Trade unioncondolences to needy employees --- on the eve of the2020 spring festival, changzhou galactic party general branch secretary, tradeunion chairman han peng has visited four difficult workers, to bring them rice,oil and other daily necessities and consolation money. In the condolences,Secretary Han talked with them cordially, , so that these employees feel thecare from the company''''s winter. Sports FestivalActivities – In order tofurther enrich the vast number of employees in Changzhou Galaxy, promote thephysical quality and health level of the vast number of employees, and furtherpromote the construction of corporate culture, the company has organized the14th Winter Sports Festival and Arts Competition since November 28,2019. Throughout theevent, the staff fully developed the spirit of solidarity with high spirit,showing the Changzhou Galaxy staff team aggressive, optimistic upward, lovelife spirit. Remain true to ouroriginal aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind In order tofurther implement the theme education requirements and deepen the partyconstruction with Changzhou Galaxy characteristics, on May 15, the generalParty branch of our company organized all Party members to carry out a specialtheme education in the memorial hall of General Wang Zhen. At the end of1930, Wang Zhen, from Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, took the initiative to jointhe Red Army and established his lifelong ideal of "serving the peoplewith radio technology". In August 1934, he volunteered to join theCommunist Party of China and vowed to live with the Red Army. In therevolutionary journey of nearly half a century, in the face of the baptism ofthe war, the attack of the enemy, the threat of the secret service, and thetest of the environment, General Wang Zhen interpreted the unshakable faith ofthe Communists with practical actions. Never forget why you started, and yourmission can be accomplished. Today, we remember General Wang Zhen. We should bemore resolute in front of temptation, more calm in front of gain and loss, andmore calm in front of utility.

Fight the epidemic and resume production

At the beginning of 2020, a sudden outbreakof Novel coronavirus pneumonia touched everyone''''s heart and affected allsectors and sectors of society as never before. With the order of the PartyCentral Committee, the whole country pressed the " Pause key ", whichwon precious time for the whole country and the whole world. With the improvement of the situation ofprevention, the resumption of work and production in various regions wasgradually started. Under the guidance of Changzhou Municipal Government andSanjing Street Emergency Prevention and Control Command, we have also carriedout the work of "resuming work and resuming production ". The companyset up epidemic prevention and control team, investing all staff action line,health status, online propaganda and training of epidemic prevention,prevention and control knowledge, establish epidemic prevention and controlemergency plan, reform epidemic prevention and control infrastructure,procurement of epidemic prevention and control materials, the company wasapproved to resume work on February 10. In the first phase ,47.9 per cent ofworkers resumed work ,88 per cent in the second phase and 94.6 per cent in thethird phase. With the increase of rate of resumption employees, the return ratealso reached 90% in the third stage. Epidemic prevention is a protracted war,more than three months after the resumption of work, the company still maintaina high degree of vigilance in epidemic prevention work, daily epidemicprevention work has never slackened, to ensure safe and orderly production.

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The Changzhou Galaxy Century Microelectronics Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production, sales and service of semiconductor devices. The company relies on decades of experience, with professional team and practical quality control system to support the introduction of a large number of professional equipment on behalf of the international advanced level, constructed from product development, chip manufacturing, packaging and testing sales service complete industry chain vertical integration.

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